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Nowadays, some small sewage treatment equipment is needed in industry, so small sewage treatment equipment has been widely used in industry, and many people do not know the use and management methods of industrial small sewage treatment equipment in use. Today, Hunan Zhongmiao Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. will discuss with you about the operation method of small sewage treatment equipment in Hunan.


All industrial small-scale sewage treatment equipment must formulate operation rules. The key equipment and equipment with higher technical level requirements must be detailed and clear.


2. Operators of sewage treatment equipment should conduct theoretical education and practical skills training on equipment structure, performance, technical specifications, maintenance knowledge and safe operation procedures before operation, and achieve three understandings (understand the structure, understand the principles, and understand the performance) Four meetings (will use, maintain, check, and troubleshoot).


3. The main production equipment of sewage treatment equipment should fill in the equipment operation record. For equipment with more than two continuous operations, the time, method and content of the handover shift should be specified.


4. It is strictly forbidden to overload the equipment.


5. Industrial small-scale sewage treatment equipment should switch equipment regularly and switch tables periodically.


The above is the operation method that Hunan Zhongmiao Environmental Protection has shared with you about the small sewage treatment equipment in Hunan. If you do n’t understand anything, please feel free to contact us