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Recently, many friends have consulted us about the role of sewage treatment in beer in Hunan Zhongmiao Environmental Protection. The editor of this question summarized it, and I will talk with you today.


First of all, the role of sewage treatment equipment in the beer wastewater process. The fine grid plays a preliminary role in solid-liquid separation, so there is no primary sedimentation tank; the acidification tank is provided with a filler to provide a three-dimensional biological bed for bacteria, and the particles in the water Entrapment and adsorption of substances and colloidal substances, and at the same time hydrolyze insoluble organic substances into soluble substances under the action of hydrolytic bacteria, and under the synergistic effect of acid-producing bacteria, convert macromolecular substances and substances that are difficult to biodegrade into easily biodegradable substances Small molecules.



There are three main reasons why we use the dosing reaction air floatation tank in the physicochemical method:


First, the removal rate of suspended matter is high, the removal rate of ordinary sedimentation tank is only about 30%, the vertical flow sedimentation tank is 40% -50%, and the air floatation can reach 80% -90%;


Second, the moisture content of air floatation sludge is 97% to 98%, the air floatation slag can be directly dehydrated, and the moisture content of sludge in other sedimentation tanks is more than 99%;


The third is that the hydraulic retention time of the air floatation tank is short, about 30 minutes, and the hydraulic retention time of other sedimentation tanks is 1.5 to 2 hours, so the air floatation tank is small in size and reduces the area.



However, the air floatation treatment needs to add an auxiliary system composed of an air compressor, a pressure dissolved gas tank, and a reflux water pump. The operation management is relatively complicated.